2 Spirit Fest

The festival aims to empower and uplift Two-Spirit Native American artists by providing a platform to showcase their talent, creativity, and cultural heritage.

The annual festival  features a diverse range of genres and artists, deeply rooted in their traditional cultures, and aims to educate and inspire audiences about the unique experiences and contributions of the Two-Spirit community while supporting and promoting the work of established and emerging artists.2 Spirit Fest showcases musical performances by local and non-local artists, video installations, and panels.

This diverse range of activities ensures something for everyone and creates an inclusive space where people can engage with and appreciate the unique perspectives and talents of Two-Spirit Native American / Indigiqueer artists.


2024 | 2 Spirit Fest

2023 | 2 Spirit Fest

Honorees – “Aunties”  – Champion Circle  Award


Kendra Wilson-Clements



John Hawk Co-Cke’

Tony Staton