About Us

The All Nations Two-Spirit Society stands as a beacon for Two-Spirit Peoples across Turtle Island, embodying a national effort led by and for these communities. Our essence lies in nurturing self-expression anchored in the cultural wisdom and practices surrounding gender and sexuality. We are committed to fostering empowerment and success for Two-Spirit individuals, drawing from the profound spiritual energies and medicines intrinsic to our heritage, spanning from coast to coast.
Our foundation is built upon the core values of Respect, Love, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, Truth, Wisdom, and Forgiveness. These guiding principles shape our mission to offer a nurturing and affirmative space for our 2SLGBTQIA+ kin, celebrating the full spectrum of their identities.
This mission is propelled forward by the dedicated efforts of our Executive Director’s Council, Elder’s Advisory Council, Youth Council, and our vibrant Membership.
Together, we embrace a grassroots philosophy to drive positive change and inclusive practices at every level—from local communities to the national stage.


At the heart of the All Nations Two-Spirit Society is the vision to forge, uphold, and enhance a welcoming and supportive landscape where Two-Spirit individuals can thrive, feel cherished, and harness the power to navigate their own lives. As a pivotal national platform, we are committed to amplifying the voices and advancing the interests of Two-Spirit people everywhere.


Our mission is to cultivate and sustain an environment where Two-Spirit individuals can freely explore and express their unique cultural insights and experiences related to gender and sexuality. We aim for every Two-Spirit person to realize their potential and feel empowered, grounded in the sacred medicines that define our shared heritage.

About The ANTSS Logo

The spectrum of colors represent the diverse range that Two-Spirit and Indigiqueer people use to identify sexuality. The outer feathers represent the 39 federally recognized nations that call this region home.  The center feather represents the unified strength of those identities and nations as one people.